Since 1950 Hephner TV has been Wichita's
Television and Home Entertainment leader.

"Our roots are in wichita,
not just our branches"

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Greg Hephner

President / Owner

“I love this business. It is always changing, always exciting. So we take great pleasure in finding the latest and best home entertainment products available today and then presenting those products to our customers. We are educators, not salespeople. We present our customers with all the best options, then let them make an informed decision about what is best for their needs.”

Michael Hephner

Senior Vice-President

“In first grade at Gammon Elementary School in east Wichita, we were given an assignment on what we wanted to be when we grew up. I knew the answer to that question even at six years old. Hephner TV has always been a part of my family, and I am honored to have the opportunity to continue this legacy.”

Luis Mendoza

Installation / Service Technician

“I enjoy how Hephner TV provides superior customer service and seeing how happy we make customers by being the solution to their problems. I enjoy how Hephner’s takes the worry and hassle out of shopping for a TV by providing customers with a knowledgeable staff and guidance throughout the entire experience."

Kelcey Wilson

Service Supervisor

“Being a part of the Hephner TV family for many years has taught me many things. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the intricate world of electronics. I enjoy the learning process and the challenges that come with providing our customers with an informative and stress-free experience.”

Peggy And Rachel Hephner

HR / Bookkeeping

”One girl’s nightmare is another girl’s dream. Believe it or not, this mother-in-law/daughter-in-law team loves working together! At Hephner TV, we are all one big happy family: staff and customers alike. Thanks for shopping with us, Wichita. We think you’re awesome!”

Mike Hatfield

Bryce Fimrite

Installation Technician

Installation Technician

“My Favorite part of working at Hephner TV is that I get to share my love and knowledge of electronics with every customer I encounter.  The commitment to customer service here is higher than anywhere else I have worked.  The Hephners ask us to uphold this high standard, and it's a pleasure to make them proud."

“I have known the Hephner family my whole life and really enjoy working with them.  I enjoy doing my part to bring quality products and customer service to everyone who comes into our store."

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Sean Hephner

Vice President

“The family that works together, stays together…or something like that! As a lifelong Wichita resident and member of the Hephner TV team, I love the deep roots that Hephner TV has in the local community. And as a musician, I can attest to the power of music and media to empower and entertain. Let us help you get the best A/V setup for your needs!”

The links below will allow you to access our major suppliers' websites. These websites provide excellent, up-to-date information regarding the products available at our store. This list highlights the companies that we feel represent the best mix of innovation, reliability and value in consumer electronics today. However, if you have a particular brand or model that you prefer, let us know. We can special order virtually anything from any manufacturer.

Greg Hephner continuously seeks out the best products and companies to showcase at Hephner TV.

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Customer Service

Our customers tell us that customer service is one of the things that sets us apart from the other guys. When you purchase a new TV from Hephner TV, our own employee installers will deliver the set for free, hook it up to all of your existing equipment, and show you how everything works. We can even arrange for custom installation services if you want your new flat TV hung on the wall or special wiring run in your home.

Hephner TV is also here for you after the sale. Can't figure out your new remote or how to play a movie? No problem. We are just a phone call away to help give you guidance on your new system. And we answer our own phones. You won't have to push endless buttons to find a helpful human voice.

Furthermore, we all know that eventually many products need some service. Our factory trained service technicians can repair everything we sell. Our service department also stocks common repair parts like remotes and bulbs.

Service Rates

Hephner TV services most types of consumer electronics (please call for specific brands and models that we repair). You can bring your item to us, or we can arrange for a service call to your home. On carry-in items, we collect an estimate fee at the time of drop off. This fee is applied to the final repair bill if the item is repaired. If you decide not to repair the item, this fee is all that is collected. To expedite our service procedure, we have general repair cost guidelines based on product type and size. If the cost to repair falls within this range, then we proceed with the repair. If the cost to repair exceeds this range, we will contact you for further instructions.

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During the closing months of World War II, Wichita, KS was a city bristling with potential. Recording a population of 114,000 in 1940, the city was in the midst of a population explosion, culminating in a 45% increase between 1940 & 1950.

Our HIstory

In The Community

Hephner TV has been in business since 1950. However, the Hephners have been in Wichita since 1878. This is our home. This is our community. This is the place we have raised children, grown old, and buried loved ones. Throughout the years we have attended area high schools, rooted for local teams like the Wingnuts and Thunder, and enjoyed musicals and concerts at Century II. Wichita is and always will be our home. Because we have our roots in Wichita, we believe in supporting local Wichita entertainment and charities. These are some of the organizations we support:

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