how do i get content for my tv?

One of the most dramatic recent changes in how people watch TV is the sheer number of ways to get content. Here’s some ways to watch!

1. Streaming – The availability of streaming content has simply exploded in recent years. Smart TVs can easily connect to your home wifi and run popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and many more. With robust operating systems and improved remotes, you can easily explore these apps for movies and TV shows, all directly on your TV. Apps like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, and SlingTV can even stream live television, giving you a similar experience to traditional cable without boxes or extra remotes.

2. Cable or satellite – Traditional cable or satellite providers are still around to provide live TV and internet service. As TVs continue to modernize, many companies are even offering new services like app-based services instead of traditional boxes and alternative streaming systems.

3. Physical media – Believe it or not, physical media like DVDs and its high-definition brother Bluray are still very popular. There are even modern 4K Blurays that can display your TV’s full resolution with ease. Why buy physical media when streaming exists? Technically, physical copies offer higher quality and uncompressed audio/video when compared to streaming, something that cinema-philes might find beneficial. Additional, buying a physical copy leaves no question about availability and ownership. It’s yours and you can always watch it!

4. Antenna – The old-school antenna is making a major comeback! As people cut the cable cord, there has been renewed interest in cost-effective access to local channels and antenna still offer that. A simple roof or attic mounted antenna gives you access to a surprisingly robust list of channels. There are even DVR options for recording over the air channels for later watching and some discussion in the industry about 4k content in the future!

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