Do I really need an outdoor TV to watch tv outside?

Yes and no. With so many people renovating their outdoor living spaces, outdoor TVs are getting much more mainstream attention. But do you need one?

Generally, a conventional TV can perform ok outside, provided they’re mounted in a covered patio or garage area and the homeowner always uses a weather-resistant cover when they aren’t watching the TV. However, a true outdoor TV offers some great advantages compared to conventional models.

First of all, they’re much tougher. Samsung’s Terrace TV is housed in a tough, sealed polymer chassis, while Furrion TVs have a sturdy aluminum frame, water-proof remotes, available shatter-resistant screens, and sealed HDMI/power compartments with rubber gaskets. Both brands also have enhanced cooling systems and more stable electronics to deal with dramatic temperature shifts. This makes them far less vulnerable to dust, moisture, heat, cold, wind, or any other unpredictable weather phenomenon that rolls through Kansas on a regular basis. While our weather isn’t always extreme, it’s always unpredictable. Outdoor TVs are tough enough to withstand almost anything the Midwest throws at it, even if you forget to put a cover on it.

Secondly, outdoor TVs are optimized for that specific environment. In addition to the much-improved durability compared to indoor models, all outdoor TVs feature anti-glare coatings and available models with better backlighting to overcome brightness. Samsung’s Terrace even comes in a full-sun configuration which is meant to be installed in direct sunlight. That being said, modern outdoor TVs are still feature rich, with modern connections like HDMI, smart capability, 4K resolution, LED backlighting and more.

So, long story short, the extra cost of a true outdoor TV is usually worth it if you’re planning on using your outdoor living space on a regular basis. Your watching experience will be much more pleasant and you won’t have to worry about it breaking like a regular TV. If you’re already spending money to put a TV outside, it’s usually worth spending a bit more to do it right! Here at Hephner TV, we carry outdoor TVs from Samsung and Furrion, outdoor speakers from Klipsch, and odds and ends like outdoor TV covers. Come in today and join the outdoor revolution!

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