Qled Vs nanocell: what's the difference?

Both of our main television brands offer advanced LCD screens. LG produces the NanoCell screens, while Samsung focuses on QLED. So, what’s the difference?

Samsung's QLED screen is effectively an enhanced version of a regular LCD screen. However, the QLED models add extra layers in the screen composed of quantum dots. These quantum dots dramatically increase the vividness of the color, resulting in a bright, vibrant image. Samsung QLEDs also have enhanced backlights which can further increase the color.

LG’s NanoCell technology is similar, being an LCD screen with additional layers. However, instead of “adding color” like the QLED, NanoCell acts as more of a filter, removing or absorbing unwanted light and purifying the red and green colors on the screen.

Since the two screen technologies operate differently, it’s no surprise that they look rather different when viewed in person. QLED focuses on a bright, vibrant picture, where NanoCell tends to produce deeper or more “3D” color.

We highly suggest that you view the screens side-by-side in person to see for yourself, which you can do in our showroom at Hephner TV!

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