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How do you compete with the national chains? 

Since opening in 1950, Hephner TV has outlasted a multitude of national chains in the Wichita market. Our customers continue to come to our store for reliable information, personalized service, extensive inventory, and aggressive pricing. As one of the largest independent electronics stores in this region, Hephner TV uses the same price sheet as the national chains. We also check our price on every model weekly to make sure we are competitive. Once we factor in our free delivery, installation, and expert customer service, our pricing is at or below the national chains.  Additionally, our level of expertise and customer service give us a distinct advantage over the big box stores.

Do you have free delivery?

Yes. Not only do we offer free delivery in the Greater Wichita Area on purchases over $400, we also include set-up and instruction with our deliveries. At Hephner TV, we understand that delivery means much more than simply dropping a box on your front porch.  We'll even haul away your old TV at no charge. Our free delivery does NOT cover wall-mounted TVs or large audio systems. However, these services are available for an additional cost.

Do you sell used TV's? 

No. While we have used TV's for sale, these sets are generally unclaimed repaired TV's. If a set is working properly, you might consider donating it to your church, school, or other charitable organization.

Do you buy used TV's? 

Yes. We offer a limited number of reconditioned items for sale. All reconditioned sets have been processed through our service department and carry a warranty. On reconditioned merchandise, our warranty is 30 days on sets up to 27" and 90 days on sets over 27."

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