What are my options for improving tv sound?

With TVs getting thinner and thinner, space is limited for a quality audio system. With that in mind, here’s some ways to get better sound!

1. Ask your Hephner TV salesperson about TVs with better speakers – As a general rule, TV speakers are never going to compete with a dedicated sound system. However, some TVs have better speakers than others and it’s hard to beat the simplicity of using the onboard speakers, as well as the clutter-free look! Higher-end models from LG and Samsung typically include substantial upgrades to the sound system that might be good enough to skip an extra sound system all together.

2. Soundbar or powered speakers – The next step up is a soundbar. Soundbars have gotten extremely good in recent years, offering anything from a simple volume/sound quality increase to a full surround sound experience. Some even have satellite speakers and upwards-firing Atmos speakers.

As an alternate option, we also stock powered speakers from Klipsch. These are similar to a soundbar in that they can connect directly to your TV; however, they look and sound more like traditional bookshelf speakers. They’re a great option if you want to connect up a TV, as well as additional audio systems like CD players or phonographs!

3. Surround Systems – The traditional home theater system is still going strong! If you want unparalleled sound and immersion, you can purchase a set of speakers, subwoofer, and an audio-video receiver to run them all. These systems are more complex than soundbars, involving more in-depth component choices, running wires, and planning. However, it’s still the best way to get the full home theater experience, especially with new formats like Atmos. There are also some wireless options like Klipsch WISA or our Enclave home theater in a box system.

4. Headphones – While some users like to have explosive sound throughout the house, others just need a little more clarity on the dialogue or a way to experience their TV without disturbing others. For this application, we carry a variety of wireless headphones that send high-quality audio directly to your ears, either with Bluetooth or direct Toslink connection.

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