What is Laser TV or Ultra short throw projection?

Large-format TV prices have been dropping, but even now, it’s pretty hard to get a screen larger than 86” for less than five-figures. But with advancements in projection and projector screen technology, you have a new way to get those massive, every-day-useable screens without the massive price: Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) projection systems. 

The major advancement of UST systems is their short “throw.” Projector “throw” refers to how far the projector has to sit from the screen. Conventional projectors typically have to sit 10+ feet away from the screen, usually hanging from the ceiling. Conversely, UST projectors can sit directly below the screen on a simple stand, anywhere from 7” to 30” depending on the model.

This accomplishes two main things compared to conventional projectors: much better brightness and much simpler installation.

Sound systems, gaming systems, cables boxes, and any other components can be housed in the stand under the projector, simplifying wire routing and general layout concerns: the only wires or cables you’d need to run out in the room would be for in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Many brands are also offering package deals that combine their projectors with specially designed, ambient-light rejecting screens. So, instead of having to shop around and learn all the ins and outs of projectors and their screens, you get a complete package in one big box and you simply have to find a stand. These modern projectors are smart, usually 4K, and offer modern HDMI eARC connections, again making install and general use much easier.

 As for brightness, UST projectors sit much closer to the screen, utilize extremely bright, laser-based lighting, and are often packaged with ambient-light rejecting screens. This cocktail of features gives a modern UST system far better brightness compared to most conventional projectors. This also translates into significantly better installation flexibility. You can put it in a theater room but also in a brighter, mixed-use living space, much like a television. Indeed, many brands refer to their UST systems as “Laser TVs”, since they use laser illuminators and are meant to perform like a giant TV.

UST systems offer the modern buyer a simple and compromise-free way to get 100” or 120” screen in their house without breaking the bank, without a dedicated theater room, and in a format that you can use every day. We offer UST systems from a variety of brands, so give us a call or come in if you want to see how UST can work for you!

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